Our Story

Painter and poet İdil and concept designer Selçuk, separated from city life with their own choices and settled in Datca in 2015. Shortly after, their daughter Berrak was born. They named her inspired by the immaculate waters of the Aegean. Their passion for coffee began to move forward with them.Coffee was with them at every moment of their lives in art and nature. The unique journey of this tropical fruit has opened new paths for them. And the road led them to a 106-year-old factory in Brazil.Since it is a boutique business, everything was manual labor. That was consistent with their way of life. Thus, they established the ‘Ada Caffe’ brand in July 2020. The two made 3 blends unique to the brand and called them ‘Ada Gourmet’, ‘Ada Medium’ and ‘Ada Dark’. They also added local coffees and Turkish coffee, which they roasted in the Aegean way, to their product range. Here’s how they define their brand; “The unique harmony of coastal life with coffee culture has made us go on this journey.” Ada Caffe” was thus born from the life of a peninsula. The slowness, quality, peace and joy of life here is equivalent to the coffee culture. Inspired by this citrus-smelling island, we produced island blends that leave unique flavors on the palate. Coffee accompanied every moment of our journey. Our aim was to catch tastes that can be drunk at any time of the day, by the sea, in the garden, in the camp, in sports and arts. We believe we have achieved this aim.We wish everyone who drinks will enjoy it.”